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> Happy new year!
We received an unusual season’s greetings card from... The South Pole!

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ASPERA next meetings

Technology forum | Vacuum & cryogenics
13-14 March 2012 - Darmstadt

3rd Computing & ApP workshop
3, 4 May 2012 - Hannover

Underwater Synergies with ApP 24, 25 May 2012 - Amsterdam

January 2012
updates its Roadmap
Last November in Paris, European funding agencies welcomed the priorities for the future of astroparticle physics defined by the scientific community...

What to expect
in 2012?
Some announced the end of the world for 2012... For astroparticle physics, it is rather a key year for new beginnings. And it will certainly be a «hot year» on many fronts and - why not? - discoveries?

“Quite likely, CTA will
be the first to come”
An interview with Christian Spiering, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ApPEC/ASPERA, about the update of the European Roadmap for astroparticle physics.

Europeans keep the pace towards detecting GWs
Last summer, European gravitational wave detectors have combined efforts to search for gravitational waves in a final three-month data-taking run before VIRGO is turned off for its upgrade.


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